The Fault In Our Stars

 This continues to be a novel, that for me shows what novels sometimes have the ability to be… Heartbreaking, emotional and intrusive. While that sounds like a negative reaction, it is actually a positive one. The story itself is uplifting and somewhat inspiring. I know it has been excessively poked at and made fun of. But the reason why, is because it’s so darn popular!? The Fault In Our Stars was a novel that I read through, and went through so quickly I wish it carried on. To quote the character Hazel Grace, I would have read the grocery list of this author. And that’s what I did, it introduced me to John Green. I was very happy with the results.

The Fault In Our Stars tells a story. That’s what I love about novels, when they are easy to follow along with and yet, they aren’t. Meaning, that I was able to understand what was going on, connect with the emotions and experience everything that was happening. I understood why things were happening. I appreciated the choices that were made and the events that took place. For me, this is a novel that remains up in my favorites. Because it was one that showed me what I wanted to be.

I’m trying to think what I might be able to criticize or critique about this work. But, I don’t think I want to. In fact it’s really one of those novels that I’d like to read again after not reading it for quite some time. Of course I will recommend this novel. I think those that feel they are outsiders, lonesome, weary or shy would really connect with the message and feelings within this.