Entry into the blogging world.

Well, the beginning is here. It’s one of those posts that need to be made, even though, they aren’t of much use. I did some thinking on what the purpose of the blog would be. And quite simply, I think it could be somewhere to write (Insert “Really? No S***” comment here). To be more specific, you write novels, and then you write things that aren’t novels. And I think this is the perfect platform for that. I remember reading one of my favorite novels by author Jennifer Niven called All The Bright Places.  It slightly sparked the interest in the world of blogging. The character Violet blogged, and it reminded me, blogging is actually quite fun.

In all honesty, I’ve blogged before. I feel unexcited about the reputation. But sometimes, you have to ignore that and realize it’s part of you. Quite simply, a game by the name of “Club Penguin“. I played it for many years, and it even contributed to the corporate work that I do now. But I actually blogged about that very game! It was something that I enjoyed when I was younger for quite a few years. I don’t despise it or regret it, but I’m glad to have moved on at the age of 20.

I do not imagine that this will be somewhere that I’ll be making posts every day, with the goal of building an exuberant following. But rather making posts when the need is there. When something needs to be said, or thoughts need to be shared.

– Michael Topschij. 

A Nerd’s New Toy: The iPad Pro

Apple recently introduced an all new version of the iPad, called the iPad Pro. Essentially, the iPad Pro is a powerhouse machine that starts to bring the iPad into the level of laptops and notebook computers. They’ve also given us a new tool that works with this, called the Apple Pencil. I was very excited to receive mine this morning.

The very first impression, is that this is huge. It’s a monumentally sized screen. 12.9 inches to be precise. I’ve shown this to family and shared with friends, whom have all been gobsmacked with the size of the screen. The first reply I give; “Movies are going to be great though wouldn’t they?” And indeed they are. It’s a fantastic screen size, and something that is a wonderful canvas for the Apple Pencil.

The first impression when picking up the pencil, is the luxury of it. It’s a weighty tool and feels like a premium device to use with the iPad. The very first concern I had for tasks like drawing, was that resting my hand on the screen (like you would with pen and paper) would cause a problem. Quite simply, no. It works, and that’s all I need to say. The only con I would say about this entire experience, would be the hit to my bank account. Non of this is particularly cheap, and this is the most expensive iPad apple has ever made.

– Michael Topschij.