A Youth’s Struggle: Medical Chaos

Whilst on my trip to the US with Mom last month I ended up in a hospital twice during the same week for two completely separate incidents. The second a life-threatening allergic reaction to something. Today Cigna on behalf of my BNZ travel insurance that is included with my credit card, told me that they will NOT be covering the cost of these incidents… For what reason?

In their lengthy legal policy documents they have one line that states: “You are not eligible for cover under this policy if one of the reasons for the overseas travel is to engage in business and/or work-related activities.”

They in their rejection email showed evidence from my social media providing proof that I was doing business while on this trip.

So as a result of not being made aware that the insurance I had was NOT VALID if I do ANY business related work whilst on the trip, I am now going to face huge bills that are likely to be upwards of $30,000 – $50,000 if not a lot more due to the scans and other costs that are involved in the American medical system.

Companies are out to make money, to incentivize you to get their credit cards to use their insurance. But when push comes to shove they’ll jump at the first chance they can to use something in their legal documents to stop them from having to help.

This is what they’re doing to a 21-year-old who deals with severe mental health issues (that they will be well aware of after reading through all my medical documents that I had to authorise them to access).

Thanks BNZ and Cigna. Glad there is some humanity in the way you guys work.