A Writer’s Love: The Man

It was a really exciting way to start my Thursday morning by getting several notifications and emails from The Killers letting me know that their new song “The Man” is out now. I jumped onto iTunes, threw at them with excitement my money and started listening. It’s a rather odd thing to blog about or write a review on, but they’re my favourite band of all time, so of course I’m going to find something to talk about.

The song is a lot of fun and was even teased earlier in the year when they posted on their Instagram promoting the up coming performance in Hyde Park UK. Lead singer Brandon Flowers talked on Facebook and confirmed details of the upcoming album (likely) called Wonderful Wonderful (title track). Songs that will definitely be in the album include: The Man, Have All The Songs Been Written?, Some Kind of Love and Run for Cover (which has been performed live).

“I’m an observer and I like to observe a lot… I’m trying to reflect how I feel on a record.”

I believe the album is on it’s way in September. There’s a great live chat with Brandon on Facebook where he talks about the album and answers questions.

– Michael Topschij.

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