About Michael

Article Information Sources: New Zealand Herald | The Press Christchurch.

Michael Topschij runs two companies and has developed 14 computer applications which have chalked up 1.4 million downloads. The self-confessed computer nerd and entrepreneur developed his first app at 14-years-old and on the back of its success started his first company DV Artz three years later. By the time he was in Year 11 at Lincoln High School in Christchurch his business was growing and Mr Topschij was dashing off to the library with between classes to do the accounts on his laptop.

“My time is a little crazy right now,” Michael said. He is also working towards a career as an author, with one novel close to publication. “It’s a coming of age story, so a lot of young people should hopefully relate to it.”

From Me:

As seen above, I prefer not to write about myself. So I thought it would be much easier to copy some relevant stuff about me from news articles. I could repeat a little and give a brief introduction, but that’s essentially been done. So, I’ll say some other things. I love novels, especially young adult fiction. I currently have big aspirations of becoming a published author, and are vigorously working on completing one novel at the moment. I have a passion for anything in the creative arts, I’ve always remembered having a love for things of creative nature, and found myself getting into writing as I got quite a bit older and have more recently found a love for literature. I feel wildly embarrassed by my read count and honestly are actually doing my best to build that up. Which, is also the reason for this blog. I use it as a motivation for me to read more and read well. Because at the end, I need to review it! Thanks for checking things out, and of course, I hope you enjoy, what you have to read!