All The Bright Places

Oh my goodness. This, this book kept going. But I loved the fact that it did. All The Bright Places was a novel I had no idea about. I did not realize it was becoming a movie, I did not realize how well received it was. But, it darn well should be. The story was plotful (no, not a word) and in-depth. I loved the characters, the personas that we’re expressed.

Of course the artistic me is going to also comment, I love the cover. But, let’s return to the things on the inside. All The Bright Places is a story that slowly brings you in, and yet quickly grabs you. We have a boy quickly falling (oh you know that feeling) and a girl who’s in a mess herself. I should be able to put together some lengthy analyzation of the parts of this that I loved, but I simply cannot.

So with much simplicity for something that deserves much more… A great book. A favorite.