Please remove girls…

A fare warning before you start to read through this… I may or may not be slightly intoxicated whilst writing this. Although, I don’t really get “drunk” as such, it does indeed relax you and cause you to do things, that you don’t usually do… Like write a post on the internet about a girl.

I’ve been spending the week at an important event. If you’re following me on the various social networks I use, you should know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, well go take a gander at my twitter… See, the thing is, I had intended to get quite a lot done during the week. I’ve got a novel that has a lot of editing to be done. I was planning on spending time in a coffee shop and writing for a day. I also planned to visit the De Young Art Museum. These things, I did not really do. Why? Because I was distracted… See, when I arrived at the main keynote event, I walked past, a girl. (A girl, okay, so what?) Yes, to the average person, it’s quite over the top for me to have such a reaction, but this story continues. See, she reminded me of someone who inspired a character, in something I’m currently writing. What did I do? I went up and asked her what time the event starts (yes, I already knew the answer to such a question). Time carried on… But day two, I went to an event of the bottom floor. I bumped into that very same girl. What did I do, I went up and said hi… I managed to make through a conversation for a good ten minutes or so, until leaving her to carry on working… Day three. The short period of learning about this new found interest had thoroughly overtaken my ability to focus on anything. I came up with questions and problems I needed answered just so that I could be on the same floor and “accidentally” bump into said interest. We got past the unknown void of introductions and made it to learning each others names. Then… I asked her out. Yes, I asked if she wanted to go out sometime. What happened? Well, she has my number…

Time carried on. I managed to “bump” into her once more before and ask if she was free one of the days before I went home. Unfortunately the answer was no. I thought, hmm, well we can still talk through the joy of technology that we are here for. But, I finally saw her at a concert. After having a few beers with friends, they managed to convince me to wander up and say hi. Should I have done that? Well, yes… Because I was able to see her flirting with another colleague. Ah yes… See, girls, can be frustrating (oh boy). And I would like to ask something. Please, remove girls… Well, remove the wild hormones that cause such chaos as this. I have things to do, and a life to live.

– Michael Topschij.

Entry into the blogging world.

Well, the beginning is here. It’s one of those posts that need to be made, even though, they aren’t of much use. I did some thinking on what the purpose of the blog would be. And quite simply, I think it could be somewhere to write (Insert “Really? No S***” comment here). To be more specific, you write novels, and then you write things that aren’t novels. And I think this is the perfect platform for that. I remember reading one of my favorite novels by author Jennifer Niven called All The Bright Places.  It slightly sparked the interest in the world of blogging. The character Violet blogged, and it reminded me, blogging is actually quite fun.

In all honesty, I’ve blogged before. I feel unexcited about the reputation. But sometimes, you have to ignore that and realize it’s part of you. Quite simply, a game by the name of “Club Penguin“. I played it for many years, and it even contributed to the corporate work that I do now. But I actually blogged about that very game! It was something that I enjoyed when I was younger for quite a few years. I don’t despise it or regret it, but I’m glad to have moved on at the age of 20.

I do not imagine that this will be somewhere that I’ll be making posts every day, with the goal of building an exuberant following. But rather making posts when the need is there. When something needs to be said, or thoughts need to be shared.

– Michael Topschij.