A Writer’s Rant: Sydney Opera House

A close friend and I recently took a day trip to Sydney Australia to see the sights and be stock standard tourists. After making our way out from the airport on public transport, we went and visited the Sydney Opera House. I’d only visited once before when I came to Sydney for the iPhone 6 release.

I’m an avid photographer and wannabe vlogger so I was taking lots of photos/videos with my iPhone. One other thing I was using was a video stabiliser which is really just a selfie stick that helps keep videos from being too shaky.

DJI Osmo Mobile – My Selfie Stick 😎

Around the right side of the Opera House (an area with a lot less foot traffic) a security guard came up to us and asked us how we were doing. He then asked if he could take a look at the photos I was taking “for security purposes”. He also said that no “professional” photography is allowed. I didn’t immediately show him my photos, and I said like every other person there we were taking photos of a landmark. I also asked if he was going up to ever other person with an iPhone, and asking them to show him their photos.

Eventually I begrudgingly showed him the selfies and shots of myself and my friend. Within a second of looking at my screen he said to me; “see, that’s fine. Just cooperate.” He walked off as I said to him I felt that was stupid and over the line. He agreed and shrugged his shoulders.

– Michael Topschij.

A Writer’s Trip To England

It’s been a few weeks, and I thought it might be a good idea to share of my recent trip to the U.K. I’ve traveled to England once before a couple of years ago. But did not get to soak up the culture as much as I did on this trip. I traveled there with my mother, to enjoy Southampton for a couple of weeks. I did some writing, which was good because a character I’m creating in my current novel, is from the United Kingdom!

I also made my way through a couple of novels and also bought myself quite a few new ones as well. Books, are very well priced in the UK!

I also visited a couple of Apple stores. Because of course I would do such a thing… I really enjoyed the train system, being able to quickly hop between Southampton and London. The whole being charged to use the restroom was quite shocking, and I definitely wasn’t excited about that idea.

All in all, it was a touristy trip done, like a local. As best it could.

– Michael Topschij.